Video: Key to Recruitment

Beca uses video in latest recruitment drive

In an increasingly competitive labour market, leading companies are looking for an edge to attract the best candidates.

Recruitment videos have emerged as one of the most effective ways to place your company on top of a prospective candidate’s list.

Beca Group is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancy firms in the Asia-Pacific.

The company has more than 3,400 staff working across 20 offices around the globe, with headquarters located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Beca is constantly searching for new talent to join its growing team. In the latest recruitment drive, Beca has commissioned a new video production to inspire the best candidates to reach out and connect with their Asia and Oceania teams.

Videotaxi created this Video by shooting footage in Singapore, Australia & New Zealand.

“Video is a key part of our talent attraction strategies and recruitment campaigns. The talent market has become highly competitive, and video has been an effective way to give insight into our culture at Beca. Working with VideoTaxi has allowed us to find creative ways to communicate key messages through video, and we’re absolutely delighted with the results.”

Heather Douglas -Talent Acquisition Manager

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