Engaging video production in Auckland

Engaging video production made easy

Video is one of the most influential and engaging ways to present your company, products and ideas.

At VideoTaxi, we make the process simple. You can leave the scripting to us. We will shoot, edit, add graphics and deliver a complete video.

This example was created by our “cabby” Bruce, and our newest team member Jarome, as a way to introduce Jarome to our customers. The entire process was done within one day, to be exact, four hours! That includes scripting, shooting and editing. GREAT VALUE!

And in case you’re wondering, Jarome had NEVER presented in front of a camera before. But with Bruce’s direction, he delivered a very credible and authentic performance.

Today’s audience is conditioned to video communication; in fact, they love it! But it doesn’t need to be over-produced. Quite the opposite, your video communication should be “real” and authentic. And they want to receive video content regularly. Jarome’s word of advice after his first experience in front of a camera? “Don’t overcook it!”

Jarome tries his hand in front of the camera for the first time.

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