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Bloom: NZ’s first video-based resilience-building program

Bloom- NZ’s first video-based resilience-building program.

Raise: one of New Zealand’s largest corporate mental health providers have created Bloom. New Zealand’s first video-based resilience-building program. (Watch the trailer for Bloom- NZ’s first video-based resilience-building program.)

Bloom Intro-Trailer from Videotaxi Limited on Vimeo.

Bloom aims to provide employees with tools to manage personal and work-related stress. This video series comes with a workbook to help document your learnings and support you through the training course.

Pio Terei presents Raise. Due to his passion for mental health, Pio was delighted to jump at the opportunity in this video project.

“Bloom is a significant milestone for Raise, and we’re excited to launch in the coming months. Given the added stress Kiwis have been under because of Covid, it’s also extremely timely. VideoTaxi and our cabby Jean-Luc have helped us realise our vision for this project, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

Nadine Dixon – National Service Manager

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