What is included in the subscription?

All production services include consultation, planning, scriptwriting, shooting, droning, editing, animation, and graphics. Also, all equipment for shooting and editing is included together with the latest software.

What is not included in the subscription?

Actors fees, local body authority fees and any costs not directly involved with the production.

Can I usemy hours whenever I want during the term of the subscription?

Yes. You can arrange with your cabbie how to use your hours.

Is there a minimum number of hours I need to use every month?

No. The hours are free for use as you need.

Is VideoTaxi available nationwide?


Can I use Videotaxi for making TV commercials and other Broadcast productions?

Yes. We provide all sorts of video content production.

Can Videotaxi provide a full creative service together with concept work and strategic planning?

Yes. Our team is capable to help you with creative and efficient ideas for suiting your needs.

Can VideoTaxi help me with shooting projects outside New Zealand?